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Solar panels on farms as a sustainable solution for energy & food production

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Rising population figures, growing energy consumption and the consequences of climate change are increasing the pressure on rural areas. Both, the supply with food and sustainable energy, must be ensured. The goal: Germany should become climate neutral by 2050. It is clear that photovoltaics (PV) will play a key role in achieving the climate targets. Therefore, there is a great need for more land, which are already competing with crops today.

With our Agro-PV system, bifacial PV modules are built over an agricultural area in such a way that it can continue to be farmed under profitable or even advantageous conditions. This is because the risks from climate change and weather extremes, which affect the yield security of agricultural cultivation systems, are reduced.

In this way, you can achieve not only crop yields on your arable land, but also energy production at the same time. We offer the possibility to diversify the income of farms – read more here.

The benefits of our APV plant


increase in land use efficiency


reduction of water demand



AgroSolar Europe’s expertise is the cornerstone of the synergy between agriculture and solar energy. We are specialized in Agrophotovoltaics (also called Agro-PV or Agri-Photovoltaics) and offer a solution for future-proof and sustainable energy supply, food production and climate change – through the intelligent dual use of agriculture and photovoltaics. Our agri-photovoltaic system enables the combination of arable farming and renewable power generation. We eliminate the competition for land between food and energy harvesting.

„I’s a win-win situation throughout. There are simply no losers.

– Franz Hilber, CEO of Hilber Solar

Our history and outlook for the future

apv agripv agropv agrophotovoltaik Franz Hilber und Markus Haastert

The story of AgroSolar and our agrophotovoltaic system began with Franz Hilber. He is a farmer as well as the founder of Hilber Solar and has been active as an expert in the solar industry for 30 years.

In 2020, the joint work of Hilber Solar and the sustainable consultancy BE Solutions & Blue Systems Design GmbH finally resulted in AgroSolar Europe GmbH, a company that bundles this expertise, develops it further and installs it with partners worldwide.

Why is our solar plant right for your business?

  • Low/no soil compaction: concrete-free & 100% degradable.
  • Positioning of PV modules adjustable in height and width – machines pass through without problems!
  • Bifacial PV modules: Translucent & movable if using the Movers
  • Adaptable to local conditions: slope of the terrain, wind load, processing direction of the field
  • Can be added in the future: Integrated systems for the use of storage and irrigation technologies
  • Legal security: Our Agro-PV/Agri-PV system is 100% adapted to the legal standard (DIN SPEC 91434)

Our APV projects

apv agripv agropv agrophotovoltaik ReferenzHeggelbach

Pilot – APV plant in Heggelbach

The 1st Agro-PV plant project was built in 2016 on the land of the Hofgemeinschaft Heggelbach. It was built as part of our collaboration with Frauenhofer ISE and HilberSolar.

apv agripv agropv agrophotovoltaik AufbauFlügel

750kW – APV plant in Lüchow

Together with BE Solutions as an innovation consultancy and our customer Steinicke, our 1st AgroSolar Europe plant, which will be one hectare in size, has been planned.

Press releases on AgroSolar Europe

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment is funding an innovative agro-photovoltaic system by the Steinicke company in Lüchow, Lower Saxony, with more than 400,000 euros. The pilot project is intended to use agricultural land both for food production and, above it, to generate electricity through photovoltaics.” (translated from German)

– Press release by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, 11.06.2021

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