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Nature knows no waste. Plants decay, are decomposed by microorganisms and thus provide the necessary nutrients for the emergence of new life. For us, this natural cycle stands for true sustainability. Inspired by this, we have developed our Agri-Photovoltaic systems: Thanks to numerous synergy effects, resources are used efficiently and no waste products are created.

The aim of AgroSolar Europe is to actively contribute to a sustainable future and strengthen farms. The aim of AgroSolar Europe is to actively contribute to a sustainable future and strengthen farms. The way there is clear: Our society must become more sustainable on a social, economic and environmental level.

Ideas for tomorrow grow here:
Our research locations

Campus Berlin

The Agricultural Campus Berlin is one of our two locations for the development of innovations around nutrition and energy. Numerous trials are carried out here with cooperating research institutions. The focus is on the topics of circular economy and cascading value chains.

In addition, the campus is the location for courses and excursions and offers numerous opportunities for the implementation of practical final theses for students of Berlin faculties.

Stadtfarmgelände mit AgroSolar Europe Team
Stadtfarm Gelände

Development Centre Trins (Austria)

Forschung Entwicklungszentrum Trins AgroSolar Europe
Forschung Entwicklungszentrum Trins AgroSolar Europe

In our development centre in Trins, together with Hilber Solar, we not only further develop existing systems, but also build prototypes of new systems. Hilber Solar specialises in inventing innovative solar systems and integrating them into everyday life in a practical and lifelike way. A network of scientists and companies is involved in the implementation.

Our team at AgroSolar Europe is working on the continuous optimisation of processes for farmers around the topic of agri-photovoltaic systems as a symbiosis of agriculture and solar energy. We are constantly developing our ideas and innovations – always with a focus on environmental and climate protection as well as sustainability.

agri pv pv-anlagen

In 2020, the joint work of Hilber Solar and the sustainable management consultancy BE Solutions & Blue Systems Design GmbH resulted in the company AgroSolar Europe GmbH.

Markus Haastert’s BE Solutions group of companies has been developing sustainable technical solutions modelled on nature for many years. Haastert oversees the implementation of concrete projects, especially in the field of renewable energies. On the one hand, it provides support for business start-ups or company settlements in Germany. On the other hand, it implements regional development projects in the framework of which numerous clusters of initiatives and companies are created.

Franz Hilber, an expert in agriculture and solar energy, built Germany’s first agri-photovoltaic system in Heggelbach in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute ISE. Hilber develops innovative solar systems that can be integrated into everyday life. Hilber has already been active in the solar industry for 30 years and was awarded the Austrian Solar Prize 2006.

Franz Hilber & Markus Haastert AgroSolar Europe

Franz Hilber and Markus Haastert

AgroSolar Europe is the European leader in large-scale plant construction for agri-photovoltaics. We turn dual-use land into agricultural conservation areas and work in partnership with farmers.