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The NDR podcast “Mission Klima” accompanied our managing director Markus Haastert on a visit to our AgroSolar Top plant in the Wendland region. Why Agri-PV is attractive for farmers, what this summer has changed and what hurdles still exist, that’s what this episode of “Mission Klima” is about.

Issue 30 of the SPIEGEL shows our Agri-PV plant in Lüchow and reports on the advantages of dual use of land and the importance of protection systems in times of climate change. Because with protection systems plants can be protected from extreme weather conditions with periods of heat but also heavy rain.
„We approach Agri-PV from the agricultural side“, our Managing Director Markus Haastert is quoted as saying. The growing importance of water management in agriculture is also a topic for him and the SPIEGEL.

SPIEGEL 28.07.2022

AgroSolar Europe Managing Director Markus Haastert speaks at the East German Business Forum about energy and supply in times of climate change and the importance of cooperation between business and politics.

ZDF Morgenmagazin 13.06.2022

„When it comes to innovative PV concepts, Germany is lagging behind in the energy transition, as it so often does. Now, however, the BMU has announced funding for an agricultural PV plant on an industrial scale – a first.“ …

Press release of the Federal Environment Ministry, 11.06.2021

„The Federal Environment Ministry is funding an innovative agro-photovoltaic system by the Steinicke company in Lüchow, Lower Saxony, with more than 400,000 euros. With the pilot project, agricultural land is to be used both for food production and, above that, for electricity generation through photovoltaics.“ …

Newspaper for Municipal Economy (ZkW), 11.06.2021

„State Secretary Flasbarth personally handed over the funding notification to Steinecke. The photovoltaic system is to generate 756,000 kilowatt hours of solar electricity in the future, which will also partially flow for the farm’s own consumption.“ …

PV Magazine, 11.06.2021

„At the Heggelbach organic farm on Lake Constance, they want to find out whether farming can function under a photovoltaic system. The pilot project with the PV systems is being scientifically accompanied by the Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg. Can solar power from the field help to find new areas for renewable energies?“ …

Bayrischer Rundfunk, 19.05.2020

„Food crops compete with energy crops and solar panels. Fertile farmland is becoming scarce. One way out could be agrophotovoltaics“ …

Telepolis, 29.07.2019

„Every day in Germany, 61 hectares are released for settlement and transport areas. This corresponds to about 85 football fields. Saving land is therefore a declared goal of the Federal Government – just like the energy transition. So-called agrophotovoltaics could reconcile both.“ …

Deutschlandfunk, 06.05.2019

„Partial shading under the solar modules increased agricultural crop yields, and the high solar radiation increased solar power production. Thus, the land use efficiency was 186 percent. « We assume that the plants coped better with the shading under the semi-transparent solar modules,“ Andrea Ehmann. » …

Sonnenseite, 13.04.2019

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