The benefits of Agrophotovoltaics

How do farmers benefit from APV?

Diversification of income

We provide diverse and secure income to farms through our Agro-PV/Agri-PV system. Original sources of income are improved, and new ones are added:


Fruit harvesting is protected from climate change-driven weather extremes and yields are improved as a result (especially for shade-tolerant crops).

You can learn more about this here.

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Production and sale of solar energy  

Solar electricity is collected by the photovoltaic system and fed into the national grid, and thus sold. Financial benefits can be achieved on the one hand by using the solar electricity oneself and the associated savings. On the other hand, income is generated through the sale of the energy. We assure the farms a secure and constant income independent of weather fluctuations with the yield guarantee from Allianz Elementar Versicherung.

Future trading of CO2 certificates 

Due to the increased quality of the arable land and adapted soil cultivation, the arable land stores more CO2. In the future, this advantage should become a financial one for our customers, because we expect the possibility of trading CO2 certificates.

Our team is currently working on a concept for how such a market could function here in Germany. We are firmly convinced that this market will be part of the future and of the agricultural industry.

Price development of CO2 certificates (EU ETS) in €

Increasing the quality of arable soil

Increasing the water storage capacity of the soil  

Our system increases soil moisture as well as low soil temperature by increasing shading and decreasing evaporation rate. This also leads to a reduction in water demand of at least 20% due to higher overall moisture, as well as soil storage capacity.

Minimising wind erosion

More fertile farmland can be lost to wind erosion. This is another risk that our system helps to combat! We reduce wind erosion and its consequence and protect the soil from soil and nutrient loss.

Controlled humus build-up

The use of the AgroSolar systems combined with adapted soil cultivation provides the ideal basis for permanently increasing humus formation. As a result, it always also stores more CO2. This is not only beneficial for the fertility of the fields and stable harvests, but also for the entire local and global environment.

Protecting crops from the impacts of climate change

Climate change constantly brings new challenges, especially for agriculture. In particular, the increase in weather extremes, such as droughts or heavy rainfall events, affects the yield security of agricultural cultivation systems.

Storms, heavy rain, hail, hot summers, or permafrost are occurring with increasing frequency and intensity – AgroSolar protects the harvest from these. Because solar power production is not our only priority: The protection of the harvest by our systems is a priority for us.

  • The partial roofing with integrated light management of the solar modules protects the plants from too much heat and solar radiation as well as hail, frost, and drought damage
  • Special protection against heat and drought: increased soil moisture, increased water storage capacity of the soil and lower soil temperature provide a better environment for plants
  • Increased quality of the soil provides a better ecosystem for the crop
  • Additional protection: The PV substructure can additionally be used for protective systems (such as nets or foils), thus saving additional superstructures. This is particularly advantageous for special crops such as vines, fruits, and vegetables, which need a lot of protection.

Closing internal company cycles

We want to support enterprises in closing internal cycles. This not only provides financial benefits, but also keeps the use of resources circular, local and decentralised: A special resilience for the future is created.

The electricity produced can be used for own consumption in plants producing up to 750kWp (approx. 700 km2). This is what was decided in the German Renewable Energy Sources Act 2021 (EEG 21).

We are currently working on the following expansion options for the plant:

  • Improved electricity management with battery storage for electricity storage
  • Water management with rainwater collection and storage for irrigation
  • Possibility for integration of robotics, automation processes, sensors, etc.

All expansion options can of course be retrofitted to already built systems. For us, adaptability is a basic building block for a sustainable future.

A resilient future for your farm

With us, farms are on the safe side.

    •  100% compatible with the law: We are fully compliant with the German legal requirements
    • 100% forward-looking: Prepare your land for the coming CO2 allowance trading – “carbon farming” is becoming the term of the moment
    • Insurance & Guarantee: Unpredictability in energy production results can happen, but with our yield guarantee the risk of solar power production is solved in an innovative way. We offer this in cooperation with Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-AG. After a yield report has been prepared based on exact data about the site, an annual energy yield is forecast. If, after one year, the yield falls short by more than 10% due to a reduced number of sunshine hours, this is considered a reduced yield, which is then covered by the insurance.

    We also offer a functional guarantee that can be applied to the following components:

    > Drives
    > Moving parts
    > Control & regulation components
    > Lighting systems
    > Product-specific installed control cabinets
    > Energy storage systems with associated air conditioning elements

The benefit of our plant for society & the environment

A farm with our AgroSolar agri-photovoltatic/agro-photovoltaic system not only creates positive effects for itself, but also for society and the environment.

Resolving the land conflict of agriculture & sustainable energy production.

We offer the possibility: Fruit and sun harvest at the same place, at the same time.

Our agrophotovoltaic system increases land use efficiency up to 186%. In doing so, we solve the increasingly relevant problem of land conflict between free-field systems and agriculture.  Therefore, we stand for the most efficient and intelligent dual use of land.

Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We see ourselves as part of sustainable development. For this reason, we identify with various goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With our practical solution of an agro-/agri-pv system we directly support 9 of the goals:

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • No hunger
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Health and well-being
  • Climate protective measures
  • No poverty

Energy transition with and for society – farmers as part of the solution

We need food, but we also need energy.

To ensure that we and future generations have access to clean energy and healthy farmland, we need to install viable and sustainable solutions today. Farms have great potential to support these goals at the same time. With AgroSolar Europe, they become producers for solar energy and drivers for a sustainable and profitable energy transition.

Stored CO2

Agriculture is often put under pressure as an emissions producer.

Of course, greenhouse gases are released in food production, including crop cultivation. But with an Agri-PV/Agro-PV system, a farm can now easily become part of the solution. The growing potential of arable land for CO2 storage (“carbon farming”) can play a major role in the fight against climate change. AgroSolar gives farmers the opportunity to act in a profitable way against climate change and with a secure income and to become a future player in large-scale CO2 storage.

With solar energy against climate change!