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Heggelbach: The first APV plant in Germany

m² built on

kWp (approx.)

Our pilot plant

The 1st Agro-PV plant project was built in 2016 on the land of the Hofgemeinschaft Heggelbach. It was built as part of our collaboration with Frauenhofer ISE and HilberSolar. The covered area is 2500 m2. In order to have a comparison regarding the harvest, the plant was built in the middle of fields without an APV plant. The practical experience gained is a basic building block for our expertise in agro-solar systems. The power output that can be generated with this plant is about 195kWp, which can supply over 60 4-person households annually.

750kW plant in Lüchow (Lower Saxony)

m² under construction

kWp (approx.)

Our first 1 hectare solar plant

Together with BE Solutions as an innovation consultancy and our customer Steinicke, our 1st AgroSolar Europe plant, which will be one hectare in size, has been planned. The Steinicke company is specialised in herb production and processing. With them in Lüchow, Lower Saxony, a 750kW plant will be installed on 10.000m2.

This project was awarded funding from the Federal Environment Agency‘s Environmental Innovation Programme.

On 11.06.2021 the project was officially opened in the presence of State Secretary Flasbarth with the handing over of a grant in the amount of 400.000€. You can find more information here.