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The German Federal Ministry for the Environment is funding an innovative agro-photovoltaic system by the Steinicke company in Lüchow, Lower Saxony, with more than 400,000 euros. The pilot project is intended to use agricultural land both for food production and, above it, to generate electricity through photovoltaics.” (translated from German)

– Press release by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, 11.06.2021

“As is so often the case with the energy turnaround, Germany lags behind in innovative PV concepts. Now, however, the BMU has announced funding for an industrial-scale agricultural PV system – a first.” (translated from German)

– Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft (ZkW), 11.06.2021

– Bayrischer Rundfunk, 19.05.2020

“Food crops compete with energy crops and solar panels. Fertile farmland is becoming scarce. One way out could be agrophotovoltaics.” (translated from German)

– Telepolis, 29.07.2019

“Every day in Germany, 61 hectares are cleared for settlement and transport areas. That is equivalent to about 85 football fields. Saving land is therefore a declared goal of the federal government – just like the energy turnaround. So-called agrophotovoltaics could reconcile both.” (translated from German)

– Deutschlandfunk, 06.05.2019

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