About us – our history and an outlook for the future

The Development of AgroSolar & the Agri-PV/Agro-PV Plant

Our History

The story of AgroSolar and our agrophotovoltaic system began with Franz Hilber. He is a farmer as well as the founder of Hilber Solar and has been active as an expert in the solar industry for 30 years. In 2003, Franz invented, among other things, the revolutionary “Mover”, a two-axis photovoltaic system that follows the path of the sun and thus ensures constant energy production. An invention for which he was awarded the Austrian Solar Prize 2006! He specializes in inventing innovative solar systems that integrate solar energy production into everyday life in a practical way.

Based on a recommendation in 2015, Franz Hilber and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft started to exchange ideas about a possible multiple use of arable land. A network of scientists and companies worked to develop the Agri-PV/Agro-PV/APV system. With Franz Hilbers’ agricultural expertise, this was developed to be future-proof and beneficial for agriculture – given the current agricultural challenges. Increasingly frequent weather extremes, triggered by climate change, are making a successful and safe harvest more and more of a challenge. A challenge that the new type of plant is also designed to overcome. Accordingly, the plant has a dual objective: protection for the crop and the production of solar energy.

The result of this collaboration was the construction of the world’s first agrophotovoltaic plant in Germany (Heggelbach, Baden-Württemberg).

The foundation stone for AgroSolar Europe had been laid.

Erste Agrophotovoltaik Anlage Deutschland Heggelbach Agro-PV Agri-PV

Collaboration, cooperation and expertise in all areas.

Franz Hilber und Markus Haastert_AgroSolar

In 2020, the joint work of Hilber Solar and the sustainable consultancy BE Solutions & Blue Systems Design GmbH finally resulted in AgroSolar Europe GmbH, a company that bundles this expertise, develops it further and installs it with partners worldwide.

We have used the valuable and insightful insights and learning from the pilot APV plant to refine the development of our technology and adapt it even better to the needs of farmers and their operations

And now?

Today we have a marketable product with patented key components. We are ready to install our system on farms and let farmers & growers benefit from the advantages of our technology!

What comes next

One thing is clear: our consumption must become more sustainable and cleaner. For this, we need environmentally friendly energy, local food production and farmers who can work under economically acceptable conditions. We face the challenge of land competition between energy and food production – because both are vital for us today.

Farms have to compete on the world market and are increasingly unable to produce under economic conditions. Added to this is climate change, which is leading to weather extremes and increasingly endangering harvests through frost, drought and other weather extremes.

We want to make society more sustainable on an ecological and social level and promote climate resilience.

Only a synergy of environmental, social and economic profitability can lead to timely and sustainable positive impacts in our society. Our offer to farms is built on the vision of this synergy.

We are ready to work with farms to shape climate transformation in a profitable way!

„It’s a win-win situation throughout.

There are simply no losers “

Franz Hilber

CEO, Hilber Solar